5 Days of Endless Fun! Our Disneyland Adventures!!

Where should we go for family holidays? – Alex and I asked ourselves one day…. The answer came as natural as waking up and having my morning coffee – Timofey’s birthday is coming up so why not go to Disneyland?? At first we wanted to keep it a surprise, well… that didn’t work out as planned, so for the whole month Alex and I were bombarded with “When are we going to Disneyland????!!” question, I think I might have woken up in the middle of the night because of it a couple of times hehe :). Lesson learnt – next time (and YES, there will be next time!) we are definitely keeping the secret!

Long before our trip we spoke to a few good friends about their experiences in Disneyland and when we got there everything flew out of our heads and we just rolled with the flow, slept in if we felt like it and stayed up late to watch the shows…:) We took one day when we went to see Hollywood, Santa Monica, a bit of LA and stopped at Long Beach Aquarium (highly recommend btw!).

Our favourite rides:

Hollywood Tower (Tower of Terror) – the first time we went there it was already 10 pm and pitch dark so that made the whole experience even more scary!:))

Space Mountain – Tim was really scared the first time we went on it, then wanted to go again, made a friend while we were waiting in line and had a blast!

Screaming – we went on it a few times and sat at the front seats each time, it was amazing!!)

Soaring Over California – fun fun fun!!! I figured it was best to sit in Row 1 or 2 that way you go up higher!

Grizzly River Run – we all got soaked!! :))

Toy Story Mania – great 3D ride!! – great fun!

Pirates of the Caribbean – phenomenal!! – whoever did the decorations is a genius! loved every minute!

-Just a block away was the Haunted Mansion – such a thriller!!

Buzz Lightyear – lots of fun!!

Wish Splash Mountain was open at the time we were there! We loved many more rides, like the Big Thunder Mountain railroad, and of course the fireworks and the World of Color! Such an amazing trip, got to feel like a kid again, run around like crazy and plain had lots of fun!!

Tim’s FAVOURITE – Donald Duck!!!! 🙂


I wish I could post all 1000 photos I brought with me but I’m afraid that can’t happen…Have you been to Disneyland before?? If you have, what was your favourite ride??? 🙂

9 thoughts on “5 Days of Endless Fun! Our Disneyland Adventures!!”

  1. Aww… lovely. My favorite part of disneyland was the live music feeling and ambience. I only went on baby rides last time (with my 2 little ones) thus I'd say my fav is the storyland 😀 LOL!

  2. Thanks Yul!! 🙂

    haha 🙂 Nancy, we loved the Toon Town! I basically grew up watching Roger Rabbit! You guys should go again. We're planning our next trip already. 🙂

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