I could not believe my eyes when I got this email today and I couldn’t wait to share this with my friends and fellow photographers!

I think it took me about 5 seconds (maybe even 4!) to register right here as I would NOT want this opportunity to slip away from me! 16 hours of FREE tips and tricks from 16 photography gurus including Dane Sanders, the author of “Fast Track Photographer”, I mean I was in awe! Can’t believe they’re doing it, so generous of them. When you register you will get a confirmation email with your unique phone number to dial in to join the telesummit as it’s being conducted by phone. The summit is aimed at both beginner photographers and seasonal pro’s because everyone can discover something new in the way they do things. It’s all about being open to changes and embracing new opportunities!

If you can’t listen to all of the 16 hours you have an option to purchase a downloadable mp3 recording of the whole thing so you can listen to them speak more closely and in the comfort of your own home, with a cup of hot chocolate and with a pen and paper ready..:)

To register click here. 🙂 Oh and in case you missed it – it’s FREE!! Have fun exploring the new world!

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